About Us

Firstimemommy.gr belongs to FIRST STEPS PR COMPANY, that is specializes in production and online advertising 
First Steps also supports other online shops and blogs on the Commertial Marketing area.

The idea behind firstimemommy.gr was humor, clever and funny ideas for logos, but also simple one color clothing for the mom - to be 

We also thought of the proud ... DAD to be! Most of the times mom is the leader role in the movie of pregnancy but dad also holds an important role!

We are very happy to celebrate 5 years in this business, to have happy and loyal customers and -proud to say - friends

Our products have all the security approvals and our wholesalers are of the most know in Europe and USA
You can e-mail us at info@firstimemommy and we will be happy to reply to all of your questions. 

Firstimemommy team